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If you’re looking for a great Houston car insurance policy, you’ve come to the right place! Car insurance in Houston can be expensive if you don’t know how to save money on Houston car insurance. But luckily, with a little advice from The Kimball Group, drivers can find affordable Houston auto insurance in minutes!

But price isn’t everything. Houston, TX, is home to over two million residents, and a good portion of them own vehicles. With all those people cruising around town, shouldn’t you invest in a Houston auto insurance policy that protects your car against a wide range of perils? The best Houston car insurance policy would cover all your driving needs at a price that’s right.

Everything’s bigger in Texas, including vehicles. Truck dealerships are everywhere in the Houston area, and a full-size truck can cause quite a bit of damage when it smashes into another vehicle, especially if it’s traveling at a high rate of speed. That’s why every Houston auto insurance policy should include a good amount of collision coverage. Most insurance experts recommend that drivers carry at least $100,000/$300,000 of Bodily Injury coverage and $100,000 total of Property Damage Liability coverage.

Imagine this: It’s 9:30 p.m. and you’re at a Houston Astros game with your family. Hunter Pence hits a walk-off home run, and the crowd files out of the ballpark in good spirits. You walk through the parking lot with your family, laughing and content, ready for the drive home. As you approach your car, you notice something startling on the ground beside your driver-side window: shattered glass. You see that your car window has been broken, and your GPS device has been stolen. The family is understandably shaken, but your Houston car insurance policy will cover your losses, right?

If your insurance policy doesn’t include comprehensive coverage, don’t count on it.

Every Houston auto insurance policy should include comprehensive coverage. Comprehensive coverage is the portion of a Houston car insurance policy that covers non-collision damage such as auto theft, vandalism and storm damage. Adding comprehensive coverage to a Houston car insurance policy isn’t required by law, but it’s crucial for drivers who want to protect their vehicle against vandalism, car theft or other non-collision damage.

Houston car insurance can be extremely affordable if you take a few minutes to shop around and find an affordable rate. If you’re looking for auto insurance in Houston, visit The Kimball Group car insurance quote form to shop around for free car insurance quotes.


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